Preparing for my MasterChef audition

I have decided to try one more time for MasterChef, and will be auditioning November 2nd in Philly. I have learned that Graham, one of the judges, had a sleeve earlier this year, so I hope this time he is the one at my audition. At past auditions, my cooking was tasted by Joe Bastianich, and Gordon Ramsey- and they both loved my dishes. Hopefully I will be able to wow them with my personality, such as it is, and they will give me a shot. This is a complicated process, so I have not been posting as much as I wish. This is my headshot, and I still need to complete the 15 page application. I am having a tasting on October 19th to help me determine what dish I am making. Neither recipe is in the least bit low carb/bari friendly. However, one of the things that makes my sleeve such a fabulous tool is that I can enjoy little bits of such dishes, and that is enough. I used to be able to sit down to huge dishes of either one, and go back for seconds- which is why I ended up weighing over 300 pounds. Now a few bites, and I am done. I love my sleeve! It is the tool that has given me back my life! Anyway, let me know if you would like to see my recipes for Shrimp and Grits and/or Mango Madness (coconut poached salmon dish) posted here. Also, if you are in the Maryland area next weekend and want to come to the tasting, contact me for the address. Otherwise, wish me luck as I attempt to conquer MasterChef!

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