When you make cheese.....

Three of my cousins came up for a visit following the funeral for their mom/gran. Of course, being in my house meant we spent a good part of the weekend playing with food. We made CHEESE!!!! We were such geeks, feeling up the curd, getting so excited about the process.... I got the directions off of thepioneerwoman.com  and although somewhat time consuming, the end product could not be beat. I did find that it required a full tablet of rennet, and more like 10 minutes for the curd to form. To eat it I then sprinkled the top with fresh, chopped basil and parsley, sea salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Served it with fresh tomatoes from the garden, and multi-grain crackers. It did not last long! When we were done making the cheese, I was left with a gallon of whey, from a gallon of non-pasteurized whole milk. Whey is very high in protein, and can be substituted for  water in most recipes. The first thing I did with mine was to make oatmeal for Saturday's breakfast. It was super creamy and filling. Then I made bread- in no way was this low carb, but ended up with 4 loaves of cinnamon raisin bread, and a pan of rolls. I am planning to make the cheese on a fairly regular basis, so will from time to time share more ideas.

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