Sunday morning brunch

I visited family last week, and was inspired today by the breakfast by beautiful and amazing niece Carrie made for me. Carrie topped arugula with a fried egg, grated cheese, and sriracha. Well, I had no arugula, or sriracha, but had an abundance of tomatoes. This is just another one of those keep it simple meals. Stack/arrange on a plate- baby spinach (or arugula), sweet onion, jalapeno (to taste), sliced tomato, fried egg, grated hard cheese, salt and pepper. Low carb, high protein, high flavor. Just what the doctor ordered, and you can adjust the serving size to your pouch, as well as make enough to make the non-wls people happy. Hubster loved it- said it tasted even better than it looked, and that was saying something. Enjoy!

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